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Tom Typinski is a Master Training Specialist, author, and videographer. He is a Certified Master Trainer - Expert Rating, with Nutrition and Club Management distinctions; ACSM-Personal Training. His vision is to help everyone to realize the benefits an active, healthy lifestyle affords and the ripple effect it has on those near and dear to you.


Most recently, Tom designed, developed, implemented, and managed the exercise facility at the Lapis Spa in the Fontainebleau Resort, Miami Beach. Prior to that he spent two years as an exclusive private trainer for the Turnberry Corporation of Miami, Florida, which enabled him to travel extensively, setting up diet and exercise programs in many locations, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Aspen and London, and for a wide array of situations and exclusive clientele.


Tom's fitness background includes, but is not limited to, the following disciplines:


*Team sports training

*Plyometrics specialization

*Elite athlete conditioning

*Sport-Specific Training

*Bikini, Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness and Figure competition preparation


In his career Tom has authored numerous fitness books, including: Simple Structured Training: Basics; Shock And Awe Muscle: Stage Ready Definition That "Shocks And Awes" Mere Mortals; Train The Trainer: The Critical Responsibilities of a Physical Fitness Professional; and, Physique Posing for Competitive Athletes©Volumes One, Two & Three.


He has also created the following instructional videos: Wicked Legs©Awesome Arms©; and, The John Simmons Bodybuilding Training System Series.


Tom has been the President of Dream Video Bodybuilding & event productions since 1985. He has also taught at the high school, preparatory and community college levels. He is a Corporate Wellness Coach for companies of 20 to 200 employees, in addition to training clients both one-on-one and with sports teams. His mission is to ensure that children learn nutrition and fitness just like they do math and science, through school programs and his personal public service.


Contact Tom at:

Facebook/TomTypinski/DreamVideoBikini,Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness and Physique

Twitter @TomTypinski

Tom Typinski

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