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A professional dancer and Certified Ballet Teacher, Yvette Younger has been active from day one. As a young dancer, she realized early on that keeping her body healthy and physically fit would always be important parts of her life. In congruence with her dancing, she evolved into an avid yogi and strength training enthusiast.


After traveling with the Detroit City Ballet as a professional dancer throughout the 1980s, she became a teacher, sharing dance with children and adults for ten years. Yvette later delved further into her passion for strength training, and soon after began sharing her techniques with others as a High Intensity Personal Trainer.


Yvette’s journey as a professional dancer has given her a unique and intimate understanding of the human physiology. She uses this experience, as well as her belief in and commitment to strength training, to help others experience the joy of having a strong, healthy body.

Yvette Younger

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